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diff --git a/tools/llvm-cov/llvm-cov.cpp b/tools/llvm-cov/llvm-cov.cpp
index 177c99d896..3f52f94010 100644
--- a/tools/llvm-cov/llvm-cov.cpp
+++ b/tools/llvm-cov/llvm-cov.cpp
@@ -24,31 +24,30 @@ using namespace llvm;
static cl::opt<std::string> SourceFile(cl::Positional, cl::Required,
-static cl::opt<bool>
-DumpGCOV("dump", cl::init(false), cl::desc("dump gcov file"));
+static cl::opt<bool> AllBlocks("a", cl::init(false),
+ cl::desc("Display all basic blocks"));
-static cl::opt<std::string>
-InputGCNO("gcno", cl::desc("<input gcno file>"), cl::init(""));
+static cl::opt<bool> BranchProb("b", cl::init(false),
+ cl::desc("Display branch probabilities"));
-static cl::opt<std::string>
-InputGCDA("gcda", cl::desc("<input gcda file>"), cl::init(""));
+static cl::opt<bool> BranchCount("c", cl::init(false),
+ cl::desc("Display branch counts instead "
+ "of percentages (requires -b)"));
-static cl::opt<bool>
-AllBlocks("a", cl::init(false), cl::desc("display all block info"));
+static cl::opt<bool> FuncSummary("f", cl::init(false),
+ cl::desc("Show coverage for each function"));
-static cl::opt<bool>
-BranchInfo("b", cl::init(false), cl::desc("display branch info"));
+static cl::opt<bool> UncondBranch("u", cl::init(false),
+ cl::desc("Display unconditional branch info "
+ "(requires -b)"));
-static cl::opt<bool>
-BranchCount("c", cl::init(false), cl::desc("display branch counts instead of \
- probabilities (requires -b)"));
-static cl::opt<bool>
-FuncCoverage("f", cl::init(false), cl::desc("output function coverage"));
-static cl::opt<bool>
-UncondBranch("u", cl::init(false), cl::desc("display unconditional branch info \
- (requires -b)"));
+static cl::OptionCategory DebugCat("Internal and debugging options");
+static cl::opt<bool> DumpGCOV("dump", cl::init(false), cl::cat(DebugCat),
+ cl::desc("Dump the gcov file to stderr"));
+static cl::opt<std::string> InputGCNO("gcno", cl::cat(DebugCat), cl::init(""),
+ cl::desc("Override inferred gcno file"));
+static cl::opt<std::string> InputGCDA("gcda", cl::cat(DebugCat), cl::init(""),
+ cl::desc("Override inferred gcda file"));
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
@@ -57,7 +56,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
PrettyStackTraceProgram X(argc, argv);
llvm_shutdown_obj Y; // Call llvm_shutdown() on exit.
- cl::ParseCommandLineOptions(argc, argv, "llvm coverage tool\n");
+ cl::ParseCommandLineOptions(argc, argv, "LLVM code coverage tool\n");
if (InputGCNO.empty())
InputGCNO = SourceFile.substr(0, SourceFile.rfind(".")) + ".gcno";
@@ -91,7 +90,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
if (DumpGCOV)
- GCOVOptions Options(AllBlocks, BranchInfo, BranchCount, FuncCoverage,
+ GCOVOptions Options(AllBlocks, BranchProb, BranchCount, FuncSummary,
FileInfo FI(Options);