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* Remove projects/sample.Rafael Espindola2014-03-12
* Added .DS_Store entry in .gitignore for ignoring .DS_Store files in the sourceRafael Espindola2014-01-25
* Add extra vim swap file patternMichael Liao2012-10-09
* Ignore the documentation-suggested location for compile_commands.jsonDavid Blaikie2012-08-21
* Add tools/lld to .gitignore.Michael J. Spencer2012-05-02
* [docs] Stub out structure for Sphinx-based docs.Daniel Dunbar2012-04-19
* git: Add tools/lldb to the ignore list.Daniel Dunbar2011-11-10
* Revert "Test commit"NAKAMURA Takumi2011-10-24
* Test commitNAKAMURA Takumi2011-10-24
* Revert change made in .gitignore.Akira Hatanaka2011-09-24
* Preparation for adding simple Mips64 instructions.Akira Hatanaka2011-09-24
* .gitignore: Ignore /autom4te.cache. We can execute "PATH=/path/to/autotools/b...NAKAMURA Takumi2011-08-12
* Ignore Vim swap filesJakob Stoklund Olesen2011-05-31
* Cleanup and document .gitignore.Michael J. Spencer2010-12-17
* Oops, didn't mean to ignore .gitignore.Daniel Dunbar2010-12-16
* Add some more .gitignore entries.Daniel Dunbar2010-12-16
* Add .gitignore. I chose not to dump the svn ignore list into this because mostMichael J. Spencer2010-12-16