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* Eliminate object-relinking support from CMake. Fixes PR 4429 andDouglas Gregor2009-06-23
* CMake: New variable LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX.Oscar Fuentes2009-06-12
* CMake: Use explicit dependencies for Xcode (as well as MSVC), to makeDouglas Gregor2009-06-04
* CMake: Build system fixes for XCode. llvm-config still causes us some serious...Douglas Gregor2009-03-16
* CMake: replace `rm' with portable invocations of cmake.Oscar Fuentes2009-01-07
* CMake: when building shared libraries, use -fPIC for compilingOscar Fuentes2008-11-20
* CMake: Adds header and TableGen files to Visual Studio solution. A newOscar Fuentes2008-11-15
* CMake: Fixed dependencies of .cpp source files on .td and tablegennedOscar Fuentes2008-11-14
* CMake: Support for cross-compiling. For now, requires a previouslyOscar Fuentes2008-11-09
* CMake: Support for building 32 bit mode libs and binaries onOscar Fuentes2008-11-04
* CMake: `make install' for libraries, executables and header files.Oscar Fuentes2008-10-22
* CMake build system: support for parallel builds.Oscar Fuentes2008-09-22
* add_partially_linked_object: Replaced nonexistent MESSAGE option inOscar Fuentes2008-09-22
* Initial support for the CMake build system.Oscar Fuentes2008-09-22