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* [RuntimeDyld] Add a framework for testing relocation logic in RuntimeDyld.Lang Hames2014-06-27
* Moving SectionMemoryManager to MCJIT to avoid cross dependency between JIT an...Andrew Kaylor2012-11-28
* Moving SectionMemoryManager into RuntimeDyld and adding unit tests for it.Andrew Kaylor2012-11-27
* Implement GDB integration for source level debugging of code JITed usingPreston Gurd2012-04-16
* Adding a basic ELF dynamic loader and MC-JIT for ELF. Functionality is curren...Eli Bendersky2012-01-16
* build/CMake: Finish removal of add_llvm_library_dependencies.Daniel Dunbar2011-11-29
* Rewrite the CMake build to use explicit dependencies between libraries,Chandler Carruth2011-07-29
* Add to RuntimeDyld support different object formatsDanil Malyshev2011-07-13
* Library-ize the dyld components of llvm-rtdyld.Jim Grosbach2011-03-21