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* llvm-cov: Clean up memory leaks.Benjamin Kramer2013-11-15
* Revert "llvm-cov: Added command-line option to change dir."Yuchen Wu2013-11-05
* llvm-cov: Added command-line option to change dir.Yuchen Wu2013-11-05
* Added command-line option to output llvm-cov to file.Yuchen Wu2013-11-02
* Updated llvm-cov's OVERVIEW descriptionYuchen Wu2013-10-31
* Change llvm-cov output formatting to be more similar to gcov.Bob Wilson2013-10-22
* Move the printing of llvm-cov information out from collectLineCounts().Bob Wilson2013-10-22
* Remove accidental commit.Bill Wendling2012-11-07
* Add comment describing what's going on here.Bill Wendling2012-11-07
* Put GCOVFile and other related interface in a common header so that llvm-cov ...Devang Patel2011-10-04
* Clarify comments.Devang Patel2011-09-29
* Cosmetic changes, as per Nick's review.Devang Patel2011-09-29
* Introduce llvm-cov.Devang Patel2011-09-28