path: root/tools/llvm-dwarfdump/llvm-dwarfdump.cpp
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Change createObjectFile to return an ErrorOr.Rafael Espindola2014-01-22
* llvm-dwarfdump: type unit dwo supportDavid Blaikie2014-01-09
* llvm-dwarfdump: support for emitting only the debug_types section using -debu...David Blaikie2013-11-19
* Add gnu pubsections as options to llvm-dwarfdump.Eric Christopher2013-09-25
* Dump the normal dwarf pubtypes section as well.Eric Christopher2013-09-25
* llvm-dwarfdump: Add support for dumping the .debug_loc sectionDavid Blaikie2013-06-19
* Add support for the pubnames section to llvm-dwarfdump.Krzysztof Parzyszek2013-02-12
* Initial support for DWARF CFI parsing and dumping in LLVMEli Bendersky2013-02-05
* When encountering an unknown file format, ObjectFile::createObjectFile shouldEli Bendersky2013-01-25
* Add command-line flags for DWARF dumping.Eli Bendersky2013-01-25
* Rename variable to be more comprehensible and follow naming conventionEli Bendersky2013-01-25
* Sort the #include lines for tools/...Chandler Carruth2012-12-04
* Rewrite DIContext interface to take an object. Update all callers.Eric Christopher2012-11-12
* Fixup for r167558: Store raw pointer (instead of reference) to RelocMap in DI...Alexey Samsonov2012-11-12
* Add a relocation visitor to lib object. This works via caching relocatedEric Christopher2012-11-07
* Formatting and 80-col.Eric Christopher2012-10-16
* Add support for fetching inlining context (stack of source code locations)Alexey Samsonov2012-09-04
* Add basic support for .debug_ranges section to LLVM's DebugInfo library.Alexey Samsonov2012-08-27
* DebugInfo library: add support for fetching absolute paths to source filesAlexey Samsonov2012-07-19
* This patch extends the libLLVMDebugInfo which contains a minimalistic DWARF p...Alexey Samsonov2012-07-02
* Fix a few changes I missed.Michael J. Spencer2011-10-07
* llvm-dwarfdump: Add an option to print out line info for a specific addressBenjamin Kramer2011-09-15
* DWARF: wire up .debug_str dumping.Benjamin Kramer2011-09-15
* DWARF: Add basic support for line tables.Benjamin Kramer2011-09-15
* llvm-dwarfdump: Make the "is debug info section" heuristic stricter so it doe...Benjamin Kramer2011-09-14
* DWARF: Port support for parsing .debug_aranges section from LLDB and wire it ...Benjamin Kramer2011-09-14
* Sketch out a DWARF parser.Benjamin Kramer2011-09-13