path: root/tools/llvm-mc/Disassembler.h
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* Remove edis - the enhanced disassembler. Fixes PR14654.Roman Divacky2012-12-19
* Add -disassemble support for -show-inst and -show-encode capability llvm-mc. ...Richard Barton2012-04-16
* Refactor instprinter and mcdisassembler to take a SubtargetInfo. Add -mattr= ...James Molloy2011-09-07
* createMCInstPrinter doesn't need TargetMachine anymore.Evan Cheng2011-07-06
* Tidy up. 80-column and whitespace.Jim Grosbach2011-05-09
* We need to pass the TargetMachine object to the InstPrinter if we are printingBill Wendling2011-03-21
* Use the new tool_output_file in several tools. This fixes a varietyDan Gohman2010-08-20
* Second try at integrating the edis tester. ThisSean Callanan2010-04-12
* revert r100842 which broke several of the build bots.Chris Lattner2010-04-09
* Added a tester for the enhanced disassembler,Sean Callanan2010-04-09
* rename HexDisassembler -> Disassembler, it works on any inputChris Lattner2009-12-22