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* [yaml2obj] Initial ELF support.Sean Silva2013-06-10
* yaml2obj: split out COFF logic into separate fileSean Silva2013-06-05
* yaml2obj: add -format=<fmt> to choose input YAML interpretationSean Silva2013-06-05
* Rename COFFYaml.h to COFFYAML.h for consistency.Rafael Espindola2013-05-31
* Don't allocate temporary string for section data.Rafael Espindola2013-05-31
* Convert obj2yaml to use yamlio.Rafael Espindola2013-05-17
* Split Alignment out of the Section Characteristics.Rafael Espindola2013-05-06
* Don't compute a std::vector<uint8_t> just to write it out a stream.Rafael Espindola2013-04-25
* Fix typo.Rafael Espindola2013-04-23
* Simplify yaml2obj a bit.Rafael Espindola2013-04-23
* Write relocations in yaml2obj.Rafael Espindola2013-04-23
* Remove COFFYAML::Header.Rafael Espindola2013-04-20
* Remove COFFYAML::Relocation.Rafael Espindola2013-04-19
* Move yaml2obj to tools too.Rafael Espindola2013-04-05