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net: fix documentation for interface dependencies
The network script had a separate case for handling network interface dependencies using variables of the form rc_before/after/use/need/provide_ifname. This is unnecessary since openrc already supports rc_net_ifname_need/use/before/after/provide. This commit updates the documentation to use this more generally supported form.
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diff --git a/doc/ b/doc/
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--- a/doc/
+++ b/doc/
@@ -586,10 +586,15 @@
# If you do the above then you may want to depend on eth0 like so
-# rc_need_vlan1="net.eth0"
+# rc_net_vlan1_need="net.eth0"
# NOTE: depend functions only work in /etc/conf.d/net
# and not in profile configs such as /etc/conf.d/
+# Also, you might want to make eth0 not provide net in this case so that
+# dependent services will start when the vlan is active instead of the
+# physical interface.
+# rc_net_eth0_provide="!net"
# MAC-VLAN support
# The following configuration can be used to create a new interface 'macvlan0'
# linked to 'eth0'
@@ -618,7 +623,7 @@
# If any of the slaves require extra configuration - for example wireless or
# ppp devices - we need to depend function on the bonded interfaces
-#rc_need_bond0="net.eth0 net.eth1"
+#rc_net_bond0_need="net.eth0 net.eth1"
@@ -735,7 +740,7 @@
# If the link require extra configuration - for example wireless or
# RFC 268 bridge - we need to depend on the bridge so they get
# configured correctly.
#WARNING: if MTU of the PPP interface is less than 1500 and you use this
#machine as a router, you should add the following rule to your firewall
@@ -847,7 +852,7 @@
# If any of the ports require extra configuration - for example wireless or
# ppp devices - we need to depend on them like so.
-#rc_need_br0="net.eth0 net.eth1"
+#rc_net_br0_need="net.eth0 net.eth1"
# Below is an example of configuring the bridge
# Consult "man brctl" for more details
@@ -898,7 +903,7 @@
# link_6to4="eth0" # Interface to base its addresses on
# config_6to4="ip6to4"
# You may want to depend on eth0 like so
# To ensure that eth0 is configured before 6to4. Of course, the tunnel could be
# any name and this also works for any configured interface.
# NOTE: If you're not using iproute2 then your 6to4 tunnel has to be called