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Revert "Remove rc_parallel from rc.conf"
This reverts commit 695f3886fb2d255e64387ce780be3c1cbc170fa9. Reported-by: Pacho Ramos <> X-Gentoo-Bug: 400741 X-Gentoo-Bug-URL:
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@@ -1,8 +1,18 @@
# Global OpenRC configuration settings
+# Set to "YES" if you want the rc system to try and start services
+# in parallel for a slight speed improvement. When running in parallel we
+# prefix the service output with its name as the output will get
+# jumbled up.
+# WARNING: whilst we have improved parallel, it can still potentially lock
+# the boot process. Don't file bugs about this unless you can supply
+# patches that fix it without breaking other things!
# Set rc_interactive to "YES" and you'll be able to press the I key during
# boot so you can choose to start specific services. Set to "NO" to disable
-# this feature.
+# this feature. This feature is automatically disabled if rc_parallel is
+# set to YES.
# If we need to drop to a shell, you can specify it here.