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sysctl.d: Include a README file for /etc/sysctl.d/
Our sysctl script has read from /etc/sysctl.d/ but the directory was not created by default, and we didn't document it. X-Gentoo-Bug: 398189 X-Gentoo-Bug-URL: Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <>
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+Kernel system variables configuration files
+Files found under the /etc/sysctl.d directory that end with .conf are
+parsed within sysctl(8) at boot time. If you want to set kernel variables
+you can either edit /etc/sysctl.conf or make a new file.
+The filename isn't important, but don't make it a package name as it may clash
+with something the package builder needs later. It must end with .conf or else
+it will not be read.
+The recommended locationfor local system settings is /etc/sysctl.d/local.conf
+but as long as you follow the rules for the names of the file, anything will
+work. See sysctl.conf(5) man page for details of the format.