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* random spelling fixesMike Frysinger2010-01-08
* Correct homepage.Roy Marples2009-12-02
* Add pkg-config support, fixes #187.Roy Marples2009-10-08
* Default to not building the old net scripts.Roy Marples2009-04-19
* Add MKOLDNET=yes/no toggleRoy Marples2009-04-17
* #ifdef atexit cleanups calling free as the OS should do this for us, but valg...Roy Marples2008-10-06
* Introduce LOCAL_PREFIX for a user maintained script location.Roy Marples2008-03-03
* Support the use of PREFIX and PKG_PREFIX.Roy Marples2008-02-28
* Add a section about reporting bugs.Roy Marples2008-01-14
* Fix PAM installRoy Marples2008-01-13
* Allow for OS and SUBOS folders so we can introduce NetBSD scripts whilst keep...Roy Marples2008-01-10
* Use LIBNAME for multilib so as not to conflict with LIBRoy Marples2008-01-05
* Add the missing changes from the recent Makefile updatesRoy Marples2008-01-05
* Remove support for static and pam combined - too problematic.Roy Marples2008-01-04
* Support static building against a non static PAM.Roy Marples2008-01-04
* Add BIN_LDFLAGS so that we can build static bins without affecting our shared...Roy Marples2008-01-04
* Allow a BRANDING define to be used.Roy Marples2008-01-03
* Add termcap support.Roy Marples2007-12-08
* Ensure that lo0 gets with a space separated configRoy Marples2007-11-30
* Add devd and hooksRoy Marples2007-11-23
* Add a README with some installation instructions and a bit of historyRoy Marples2007-11-19