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* Fix a copy-and-paste error when setting the unexpected exception handlerHEADmasterDavid Chisnall2013-02-07
* Merge branch 'master' of Chisnall2013-01-14
| * TBricks thank you addedC2013-01-11
* | Fix the case where we rethrow an exception when none was caught.David Chisnall2013-01-14
* Fixed the case where there is a catchall in C++ and a foreign exceptionDavid Chisnall2012-12-05
* Removed non-copyright related text and added spacing after license noticeC2012-12-26
* Add missing copyright in the other file.David Chisnall2012-12-25
* Add missing copyright and acknowledgement from Solaris implementation ofDavid Chisnall2012-12-25
* fixed bug in type info: don't treat pointer-to-member as pointerAlexander2012-07-06
* Small doc tweak.David Chisnall2012-03-28
* Correctly handle the case where 0 is passed to operator new.David Chisnall2012-03-28
* Ensure the correct happens-before relationship between set / getDavid Chisnall2012-03-27
* Rearrange the virtual functions in type_info to match the gcc layout,David Chisnall2012-03-22
* Rework exception matching.David Chisnall2012-03-20
* Add per-file copyright notices / licensesDavid Chisnall2012-03-10
* Check for null pointer arguments in demangler.David Chisnall2012-03-10
* Fix bugs caused by writing code while half asleep.David Chisnall2012-02-28
* Add some stuff that's missing on Solaris (required for correctly runningDavid Chisnall2012-02-28
* Fix a potential race in guard logic.David Chisnall2012-02-28
* Include some installation instructions in the README.davidchisnall2012-02-20
* Merge pull request #5 from pathscale/arm_ehdavidchisnall2012-02-20
| * Fix the build on compilers that don't have a __has_builtinDavid Chisnall2011-11-25
| * Simplify the weak symbol tests so that they're only done for things that we d...David Chisnall2011-11-25
| * Make all pthread symbols weak and test before calling any of them. This shou...David Chisnall2011-11-24
| * Use __sync_swap when available.David Chisnall2011-11-24
| * Fixed a warning.David Chisnall2011-11-24
| * Add fake TLS support so that we work for single-threaded programs when not li...David Chisnall2011-11-24
| * Tweak the cleanup code slightly.David Chisnall2011-11-25
| * And add support for nesting cleanups.David Chisnall2011-11-25
| * Finished ARM EH enough that it passes the test suite. Still to do:David Chisnall2011-11-25
| * ARM expects 32-bit guards for static variables.David Chisnall2011-11-25
| * Mostly-working ARM exceptions.David Chisnall2011-11-24
| * Update readme - we do support the ARM ABI now (in theory, at least).David Chisnall2011-11-23
| * And remember to save the temporaries in the ARM EH header if required...David Chisnall2011-11-23
| * Use the ARM / Itanium EH abstraction layer.David Chisnall2011-11-23
| * Added unwind headers from libobjc2.David Chisnall2011-11-23
* added __cxxabiv1 namespace aliasAlexander Esilevich2011-10-10
* Merge pull request #4 from rpavlik/mastercbergstrom2011-10-05
| * Files named aux.anything break Windows.Ryan Pavlik2011-10-05
* Fix use of __dynamic_cast().David Chisnall2011-10-02
* Fix to not include its own (incompatible) prototype of a functio...David Chisnall2011-09-29
* Added demangler interface to the header.David Chisnall2011-09-29
* Fix bugs that the libc++ test suite found in the handling of dependent except...David Chisnall2011-09-20
* Tweak some definitions to make clang happy.David Chisnall2011-09-20
* Removed debugging line accidentally left in last commit.Charlie Root2011-09-20
* Add get_terminate() / get_unexpected() functions required by libc++.Charlie Root2011-09-20
* Added full support for libc++.Charlie Root2011-09-20
* added valgrind tests4.0.10Alexander Esilevich2011-05-24
* Revert "Replaced libelftc's demangler with the one from libc++abi."C2011-05-22
* Revert "Fix name of cxa_demangle"C2011-05-22