Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Merge branch 'master' into embtk-support-masterembtk-support-masterAbdoulaye Walsimou Gaye2013-05-15
| * Cleanup relocation sorting for ELF.Rafael Espindola2013-05-15
| * PPCISelLowering.h: Escape \@ in comments. [-Wdocumentation]NAKAMURA Takumi2013-05-15
| * Whitespace.NAKAMURA Takumi2013-05-15
| * [objc-arc] Fixed a spelling error and made the statistic descriptions be cons...Michael Gottesman2013-05-15
| * Add missing #includeDouglas Gregor2013-05-15
| * Support unaligned load/store on more ARM targetsDerek Schuff2013-05-15
| * Remove MCELFObjectTargetWriter::adjustFixupOffset hackUlrich Weigand2013-05-15
| * [PowerPC] Remove need for adjustFixupOffst hackUlrich Weigand2013-05-15
| * [SystemZ] Make use of SUBTRACT HALFWORDRichard Sandiford2013-05-15
| * [PowerPC] Add test case for r181891Ulrich Weigand2013-05-15
| * [PowerPC] Correctly handle fixups of other than 4 byte sizeUlrich Weigand2013-05-15
| * Add Jade to the list of external projects using LLVM in the release notes.Arnaud A. de Grandmaison2013-05-15
| * [SystemZ] Add more future work items to the READMERichard Sandiford2013-05-15
| * [SystemZ] Consolidate disassembler tests for valid input into 2 big testsRichard Sandiford2013-05-15
| * [SystemZ] Consolidate assembler tests into 4 big testsRichard Sandiford2013-05-15
| * Fix build on WindowsTimur Iskhodzhanov2013-05-15
| * Use only explicit bool conversion operatorsDavid Blaikie2013-05-15
| * ELFRelocationEntry::operator<(): Try to stabilize the order. r_offset was ins...NAKAMURA Takumi2013-05-15
| * LoopVectorize: Fix commentsArnold Schwaighofer2013-05-15
| * LoopVectorize: Hoist conditional loads if possibleArnold Schwaighofer2013-05-15
| * Speed up Value::isUsedInBasicBlock() for long use lists.Jakob Stoklund Olesen2013-05-14
| * Fix two typoSylvestre Ledru2013-05-14
| * ExceptionDemo: Corresponding to r181820, SectionMemoryManager should belong t...NAKAMURA Takumi2013-05-14
| * Object: Fix Mach-O relocation printing.Ahmed Bougacha2013-05-14
| * ARM ISel: Don't create illegal types during LowerMULArnold Schwaighofer2013-05-14
| * GlobalOpt: fix an issue where CXAAtExitFn points to a deleted function.Manman Ren2013-05-14
| * Revert previous patch, it's actually on under Wall.Eric Christopher2013-05-14
| * Add -Wreorder to the list of C++ warnings.Eric Christopher2013-05-14
| * Make getCompileUnit non-const and return the current DIE if itEric Christopher2013-05-14
| * Add 'CHECK-DAG' supportMichael Liao2013-05-14
| * Refactor string checking. No functionality change.Michael Liao2013-05-14
| * Implement the PowerPC system call (sc) instruction.Bill Schmidt2013-05-14
| * SectionMemoryManager shouldn't be a JITMemoryManager. Previously, the Filip Pizlo2013-05-14
| * Hexagon: Pass to replace tranfer/copy instructions into combine instructionJyotsna Verma2013-05-14
| * Reapply "Subtract isn't commutative, fix this for MMX psub." withEric Christopher2013-05-14
| * Temporarily revert "Subtract isn't commutative, fix this for MMX psub."Eric Christopher2013-05-14
| * Fix __clear_cache declaration.Rafael Espindola2013-05-14
| * Subtract isn't commutative, fix this for MMX psub.Eric Christopher2013-05-14
| * Recognize sparc64 as an alias for sparcv9 triples.Jakob Stoklund Olesen2013-05-14
| * Hexagon: Add patterns to generate 'combine' instructions.Jyotsna Verma2013-05-14
| * Hexagon: ArePredicatesComplement should not restrict itself to TFRs.Jyotsna Verma2013-05-14
| * Add bitcast to store of personality function.Kai Nacke2013-05-14
| * Fix ARM FastISel tests, as a first step to enabling ARM FastISelDerek Schuff2013-05-14
| * PPC32: Fix stack collision between FP and CR save areas.Bill Schmidt2013-05-14
| * Hexagon: Test case to check if branch probabilities are properly reflected inJyotsna Verma2013-05-14
| * Hexagon: Remove dead-code after unconditional return from addPreSched2.Jyotsna Verma2013-05-14
| * R600/SI: Add processor type for Hainan asicTom Stellard2013-05-14
| * Get the unittests compiling when building with cmake and the settingDuncan Sands2013-05-14
| * Declare __clear_cache.Rafael Espindola2013-05-14