path: root/test/Object/yaml2obj-elf-symbol-basic.yaml
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Teach llvm-readobj to print human friendly description of reserved sections.Rafael Espindola2014-03-24
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Make symbol table top-level key.Sean Silva2013-06-22
* This was a nifty test, but remove it.Sean Silva2013-06-21
* Revert "Put r184469 disassembler test back on X86"Sean Silva2013-06-21
* Put r184469 disassembler test back on X86Renato Golin2013-06-21
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Don't do disassembly in this test.Sean Silva2013-06-21
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Allow expressing undefined symbols.Sean Silva2013-06-21
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Don't explicitly set `Binding` with STB_*Sean Silva2013-06-21
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Add support for st_value and st_size.Sean Silva2013-06-20
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Allow symbols to reference sections.Sean Silva2013-06-20
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Support st_info through `Binding` and `Type` YAML keys.Sean Silva2013-06-19
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Ensure STN_UNDEF entry is present.Sean Silva2013-06-18
* [yaml2obj][ELF] Rudimentary symbol table support.Sean Silva2013-06-18