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* Remove the very substantial, largely unmaintained legacy PGOChandler Carruth2013-10-02
* Move LTO support library to a component, allowing it to be testedPeter Collingbourne2013-09-24
* Remove the LLVM specific archive index.Rafael Espindola2013-06-14
* Adding tests for the Intel JIT event listener's MCJIT support.Andrew Kaylor2012-11-21
* MC: Simple example parser for MC assembly markup.Jim Grosbach2012-10-31
* Remove llvm-ld and llvm-stub (which is only used by llvm-ld).Michael J. Spencer2012-04-19
* LLVMBuild: Introduce a common section which currently has a list of theDaniel Dunbar2011-12-12
* LLVMBuild: Remove trailing newline, which irked me.Daniel Dunbar2011-12-12
* build: Add initial cut at LLVMBuild.txt files.Daniel Dunbar2011-11-03