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* [llvm-readobj][ELF] New `-mips-plt-got` command line option to outputSimon Atanasyan2014-06-18
* Remove all uses of 'using std::error_code' from headers.Rafael Espindola2014-06-13
* Remove system_error.h.Rafael Espindola2014-06-12
* Use std::error_code instead of llvm::error_code.Rafael Espindola2014-06-11
* Replace OwningPtr<T> with std::unique_ptr<T>.Ahmed Charles2014-03-06
* tools: add support for decoding ARM attributesSaleem Abdulrasool2014-01-30
* Revert r181009.Amara Emerson2013-05-03
* Add support for reading ARM ELF build attributes.Amara Emerson2013-05-03
* Teach llvm-readobj to print ELF program headersNico Rieck2013-04-12
* Implements low-level object file format specific output for COFF andEric Christopher2013-04-03