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* VS integration installer: set SUCCESS=1 if we find VS 2013Hans Wennborg2014-03-24
* MSBuild integration: get the LibraryPath right (PR18707)Hans Wennborg2014-02-13
* VS Integration: install toolsets for x64 too (PR18738)Hans Wennborg2014-02-12
* VS integration: use the correct registry key after r195379Hans Wennborg2013-11-22
* vs2013 msbuild integration: add missing .target files, fix typo in CMakeListsHans Wennborg2013-10-14
* Provide msbuild integration for vs2013.Hans Wennborg2013-10-10
* Fix msbuild integration install script.Hans Wennborg2013-10-10
* msbuild: Set _MSC_VER to match the CRT we're usingReid Kleckner2013-09-19
* Include an LLVM-vs2012_xp toolset in the MSBuild integrationReid Kleckner2013-09-19
* msbuild integration: provide separate files for VS2010 and VS2012Hans Wennborg2013-09-06
* msbuild: Add clang's compiler-rt libs to the LibraryPathReid Kleckner2013-09-05
* Substitute LLVM's version into the msbuild property file at config timeReid Kleckner2013-08-29
* Modified ms-build configuration file to be version locked to the VS2010 toolc...Warren Hunt2013-08-29
* Adding VCIncludeDir and WindowsSDKDir to the msbuild configuration file. Thi...Warren Hunt2013-08-28
* cmake: Add msbuild integration to the installHans Wennborg2013-08-28
* Add xml files for msbuild integrationReid Kleckner2013-08-27