Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* fix cgroup_cleanup functionopenrc-0.12.1William Hubbs2013-10-02
* start work on OpenRC 0.12.1William Hubbs2013-10-02
* typo fixopenrc-0.12William Hubbs2013-08-14
* add note to README about the net.* scripts moving to their own packageWilliam Hubbs2013-08-14
* Remove gentoo's net.* scriptsWilliam Hubbs2013-08-13
* Clarify the documentation about the restart functionWilliam Hubbs2013-08-13
* Fix Permission Denied on reading dmesg in an LXC containerFedja Beader2013-08-06
* devfs: Add -lxc keywordAlexander V Vershilov2013-07-31
* tmpfiles: do not signal an error if device nodes already existDirk Sondermann2013-07-27
* swapfiles: do not try to unmount all tmpfs mountsWilliam Hubbs2013-07-26
* Add support for DragonFly BSDGary2013-07-25
* rc-cgroup: make sure the tasks file exists before adding the pidWilliam Hubbs2013-07-25
* Introduce the serviceWilliam Hubbs2013-07-25
* tmpfiles: add --prefix and --exclude-prefix optionsWilliam Hubbs2013-07-25
* tmpfiles: make b and c commands set ownership and permissionsWilliam Hubbs2013-07-23
* rc-status: fix typoAlexander V Vershilov2013-07-19
* typo fixHank Leininger2013-07-16
* rc-status: fix -a to show all servicesAlexander V Vershilov2013-07-16
* cgroups: change '$$' to 0 for consistencyWilliam Hubbs2013-07-05
* Merge branch 'cgroup.systemd'William Hubbs2013-07-05
| * Put a service on into a top hierarchy of each cgroupAlexander V Vershilov2013-07-01
| * Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// H. Johnson2013-06-24
| |\
* | | Merge branch 'gentoo'William Hubbs2013-06-25
|\| |
| * | efivarfs: Support EFI variable access in 3.10 kernels.Robin H. Johnson2013-06-24
* | | cgroups: add support for systemd cgroup hierarchyWilliam Hubbs2013-06-25
| |/ |/|
* | efivarfs: Support EFI variable access in 3.10 kernels.Robin H. Johnson2013-06-24
* | Fix quoting in cgroup-release-agentAlexander V Vershilov2013-06-16
* | cgroups: hide messages about non-existent processesAlexander V Vershilov2013-06-16
* run cgroup_cleanup automatically after stopWilliam Hubbs2013-05-25
* fix typoAlexander V Vershilov2013-05-25
* Fix wrong wording in STYLEAlexander Berntsen2013-05-07
* Document busybox applet incompatibilitiesWilliam Hubbs2013-05-07
* fix setfont detection in early startup on LinuxWilliam Hubbs2013-05-05
* Add service appletWilliam Hubbs2013-05-02
* fix the build for non-selinux systemsWilliam Hubbs2013-05-01
* rc: allow switching runlevels without stopping servicesWilliam Hubbs2013-04-28
* fsck: fix typoEugeny Shkrigunov2013-04-27
* add cgroup cleanup supportAlexander Vershilov2013-04-25
* Fix autodetection of lxcNatanael Copa2013-04-09
* create loopback serviceWilliam Hubbs2013-04-08
* migrate-to-run: fix test for successful migrationWilliam Hubbs2013-04-03
* localmount: add "no" in front of network file system typesWilliam Hubbs2013-03-22
* runscript: update documentation for the provide functionWilliam Hubbs2013-03-20
* config: move rc_fuser_timeout to rc.confWilliam Hubbs2013-03-12
* Make fuser command time outWilliam Hubbs2013-03-12
* tmpfiles: add support for the new X line typeWilliam Hubbs2013-03-11
* oldnet: convert netmask to decimal numbers in _netmask2cidrYuta SATOH2013-03-08
* ipfw: change opts variable to extra_commandsWilliam Hubbs2013-03-06
* local.d: update READMEWilliam Hubbs2013-02-25
* rc-service: add usage messageAndrew Gregory2013-02-25