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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Use lib/LTO directly in the gold plugin.Rafael Espindola2014-06-19
* Don't mix the plain and keyword signatures of target_link_libraries.Rafael Espindola2014-02-26
* Space formatting fix for r198966.Tom Roeder2014-01-10
* Fixing build break: should be in the if statement, not outside.Tom Roeder2014-01-10
* Restore the library dependency of LLVMgold on LTO; this was removed recently butTom Roeder2014-01-10
* EXPORTED_SYMBOL_FILE support for cmakeNico Weber2013-12-28
* Use absolute path to exportsfile in gold plugin CMake build.Peter Collingbourne2011-11-05
* CMake builds gold by default since revision 127466. This isOscar Fuentes2011-05-12
* Force re-linking of when its exports file changes.Oscar Fuentes2011-03-11
* Fix processing of gold.exports.Oscar Fuentes2011-03-11
* Add LTO and gold plugin to the CMake build. Linux-only, support forOscar Fuentes2011-03-11